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The personal goal of each of our highly skilled dentists, oral surgeons, dental specialists, endodontists, periodontists, hygienists, and other dental staff, is to provide the bountiful community with affordable dentistry services. We offer our services in a caring and compassionate manner, with convenient appointments. We can help whether you have gingivitis, gum disease, jaw pain, tooth pain, or need teeth cleanings, dental x rays, sealants, or just a dental check-up. The objective of our dental practice is to give the best care you can receive in Bountiful and throughout Utah.


Dental Implants Periodontist

Dentist Providing Quality Dental Implants to Bountiful Residents

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Dental implants are great for teeth that are breaking down. They are used to replace the root or roots of an existing tooth and are secured to the jawbone.  This is a popular solution because you can secure crowns, bridges, and dentures to these implants very easily. The most important factor that we take into consideration when we install dental implants in long-term success. We also want you to be happy with how they look.


Teeth Whitening Service

Get Bright White Teeth With Our Whitening Trays in Bountiful

  • local teeth whitening in Bountiful
  • Get your teeth whitened at a general dentist office
  • Tray-based teeth whitening products available (opalescence)
  • Whiten your teeth with tooth whitening products
  • Get a brighter smile with teeth whitening gel

Get the brilliant white teeth with our teeth whitening bleach. We offer a mouth guard-like tray with a whitening gel solution that contains peroxide, a bleaching agent. Teeth Whitening is not permanent.  People who expose their teeth to foods and beverages that cause staining may see the whiteness fade within a month. If you avoid foods and beverages that stain you may be able to wait one year or longer before another whitening treatment is needed.


Cosmetic Dentist

A-Plus Dentist To Get Your Teeth Looking Great Again

  • Providing a wide range of general and cosmetic dentistry
  • Quality dental services near you
  • Invisible braces, ClearCorrect invisible braces straighten teeth with discreet alignment
  • Veneers that restore beauty to your smile

Our dental experience helps us create the best invisible alignment solution for your teeth. Our straightening solutions are 100% customized to fit your teeth. With ClearCorrect we can align and straighten your teeth without using harsh braces. Our process uses a series of custom removable aligners that move your teeth in small amounts. This will give you the straight smile you’ve always wanted and the confidence you desire. We also offer in-house teeth whitening and home teeth whitening for those wanting a brighter smile.


Pediatric Dentist

Top Kid Dentist Serving Davis County and Bountiful

  • Affordable Fillings for the whole family
  • Dental hygienists who can help with your dental hygiene and get great care
  • Get your Wisdom teeth pulled with experience and care
  • Increase your oral health with the best dental services available
  • Local dentist serving the Bountiful and surrounding area
  • Pediatric Dentistry providing the best checkups and fillings for cavities

As the pediatric dental clinic of choice in Bountiful, we offer the highest quality dental care in a safe and fun environment. Our goal is to serve all kids, children, and toddlers with compassion, a smile and gentle care.  We would love to be your kids’ dentist and want our patients excited about visiting our office. For the fearful child, we have several different levels of sedation available, including general anesthesia.


Dental Clinic

Come See The Best Dentist Office in All of Davis County and the Wasatch Front

  • Dentist office providing full-service dental care
  • Reliable dental service and high-quality care
  • Use an Experienced dentist for your crowns that are precise and custom
  • Dental bridges to fix dental gaps and spaces with missing teeth
  • Unique Dentures customized to fit your mouth
  • Emergency dental clinic for good dental health

Welcome to our family dental office located in Bountiful, UT! We are a unique and state of the art family dental practice.  We have been providing superb dental care to residents of Bountiful and Davis County for years. Our family dental clinic is focused on the overall quality of dental care for bountiful residents.  Call us if you have signs of tooth decay, gingivitis, a gum infection, broken teeth, bite problems, damaged fillings, need dental advice or if you have any other oral health problems.


Denture Care Center

Use The Denture Clinic That Makes Quality Custom Dentures

  • Removable replacement dentures for missing teeth
  • Excellent solution for providing a better smile and better speech
  • Conventional or immediate dentures available
  • Custom fit dentures with our Complete dentures
  • Local Denture replacement “near me”

We are the denture clinic of choice. We offer affordable and custom fit dentures. A denture is more than a removable replacement for missing teeth, it gives you confidence and the freedom to eat your favorite foods. We guarantee they can help you feel great about your smile again!


Alpenglow Dental

Alpenglow Dental, 1459 N Main St #4 | Bountiful, UT | 84010

Telephone: (801) 397-5220


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Telephone: (801) 298-6140


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PO Box 25308  | Salt Lake City, UT  | 84125

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Dominion Energy

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Toll-free:  (800) 323-5517

Emergency (24-hour service):  (800) 767-1689