Dental fillings are a great solution for decaying teeth and cavities.  When repairing a tooth, it’s sometimes necessary to remove decay and fill it with new durable material.  This also works for cracked, broken, and worn teeth.

There are several ways to detect a tooth in need of a filling.  By simple observation we can sometimes see discolored teeth and enamel which may indicate the need for a filling – but not always.  We also utilize a cavity-detecting dye which sticks to your decayed areas showing us exactly what we’re looking for.  X-rays also provide an excellent view of your tooth structure, giving us clear evidence where decay is present.  It’s important to address a decaying tooth as soon as possible.  This will allow us to preserve the tooth and to minimize any structural damage.

There are several different types of fillings available to you, and we’d love to discuss the positives and negatives about each.  You can choose from porcelain (for a more seamless look), gold, plastic, or glass material depending on your preference.  Ask us for more information about each.

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