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Tips for a whiter smile

Your teeth can make or break your overall appearance. A beautiful smile can make you attractive. It radiates self-confidence and poise. While a smile can make you appear inviting, a great smile conveys an engaging and warm personality, which excites every person you meet. Here are eight simple tips to restore the beauty and maintain the pearly white texture of your teeth.

  1. Create an illusion of your lipstick’s color.

Sorry, guys. This first tip is for the ladies. The hue of your lipstick can give off an optical illusion. If you use a light red or medium coral color, it will make your teeth glow in pallor. Lighter shades of red are likely to bring out a yellowish hue in your teeth.

  1. Brush your teeth first thing in the morning and before you hit the sack at night.

Ideally, you need to brush your teeth after every meal. However, like most people who lead very hectic schedules, that thing may seem difficult to comply. Understandably so. Thus, experts advise that you should brush your teeth twice a day, at these two crucial times: right after you get out of bed in the morning and before you get into bed at night.

Saliva dries up at night. Without saliva, there’s nothing to fend off the cavity-causing bacteria and plaque. By brushing before going to bed, you will be cleaning these undesirable elements off your teeth and gums. Bacteria and plaque will build up as you sleep; thus, it’s equally important to brush your teeth in the morning.

  1. Learn to floss without using a mirror.

Practice flossing even with your eyes closed. It’s important that you learn to floss without using a mirror as a visual guide so you can quickly adapt to whatever environment you’re in. With practice, you’ll be able to floss while in your car during a traffic stop or while sitting at your desk in your free time.

  1. Don’t forget to gargle mouthwash.

Stay fresh and keep your breath minty with mouthwash. Pick one that’s alcohol-free. Alcohol tends to dry out your mouth, making it prone to bacterial incursion and plaque buildup.

  1. Experiment with baking soda.

Did you know you can use baking soda to remove the stains on your teeth? For just once a week, you can use this as an alternative to regular toothpaste. Using baking soda every day might cause your gums and other sensitive tissues in your mouth to feel raw.

  1. Apple cider vinegar has incredible whitening effects on your teeth.

You can do this during morning right before you brush your teeth. The vinegar as a stain-removing effect as well as bacteria-killing properties.

  1. Don’t forget to brush your tongue too.

Get a tongue scraper to remove the bacteria and plaque on your tongue. If that’s not available, you can still use your toothbrush to banish the undesirable elements.

  1. Change your toothbrush every 2 or 3 months.

Make sure you get a new one every 2 or 3 months. If you’re regularly using your toothbrush, it will become less efficient at removing the plaque and bacteria beyond 2 or 3 months.

These tips for a whiter smile will only go so far. If they’re not enough, and you still want whiter, more beautiful teeth, get in touch with Alpenglow Dental Office. Contact us at (801) 878-1700 to schedule an appointment.


Affordable Dental Care in SLC

Do you know what a dental abscess is? It’s an infection usually occurring in the mouth, jaw, throat or face. It starts out as a tooth cavity, arising from poor oral health, which, in turn, results from failure to observe proper dental hygiene and timely oral care. A dental abscess can be very painful as the tissues become inflamed due to the spread of bacteria into the gums, throat, tongue, and jaw.

Signs of tissue inflammation may include an accumulation of pus at the infection site. As more discharge is collected, it will become increasingly painful. To relieve the pain, the affected tissue has to be drained of the pus.

This oral infection may become life-threatening if the tissue is swelling looks to block the airways and cause difficulty in breathing. A dental abscess can also cause nausea, fever, vomiting, and excessive sweating. If you’re experiencing this oral problem, seek help immediately. For affordable dental care in SLC (Salt Lake City), come to Alpenglow Dental Office. We’re here to help you.

What are the Causes of Dental Abscess?

dental abscess photo

Dental Abscess Photo by Spider.Dog

Like many causes of dental problems, a dental abscess results from bacterial infection. The growth of bacteria from a cavity or tooth decay triggers infection of the sensitive tissues and delicate bones in the neck, jaw, or face. Immediate, appropriate dental treatment will suppress further bacteria growth, which contributes to the development of a dental abscess.

One of the leading causes of bacterial buildup is poor dental hygiene. If you want to avoid this oral condition, you need to brush and floss often. Don’t forget to see your dentist regularly too; at least, once in every six months. Smoking and alcohol consumption also contributes to the formation of plaque on teeth that leads to a dental abscess. Your diet and medication, if you’re taking any, can also play a role in causing the infection. As the bacterial infestation on your teeth increases, it may spread to the gums and delicate tissues in the mouth.

Signs of Dental Abscess

A dental abscess is painful. It involves some swelling and appears red in color on the face and mouth. In its advanced forms, symptoms may include vomiting, fever, chills, and nausea. It is reported that some patients experience diarrhea too.

Other common symptoms of a dental abscess include dental cavities and gum inflammation. The affected areas may feel tender to the touch. There may be likely pus present in the infected portions. Some patients also suffer from difficulty in opening their mouths; difficulty in swallowing and, in worse cases, problems in breathing has also been reported.

Seek Dental Care

If you believe you have a dental abscess, reach out to a dentist as soon as possible. You need to have it evaluated and treated before it gets worst. Don’t wait for the infection to worsen and cause intense, unmanageable pain Why wait for nausea, chills, and fever to set in? Seek immediate care before the intolerable pain and other symptoms come.

When you need affordable dental care in SLC, come to Alpenglow Dental Office. We treat a broad range of dental problems using state-of-the-art technology and comprehensive treatments to ensure your optimal oral health.

To schedule an appointment, please give us a call at (801) 878-1700.

Utah Family Dentist

Do you think you know what it takes to have beautiful, healthy teeth? Brush, floss, and see Utah family dentist every 6 months. Avoid using your teeth to open a bottle cap. Stop chomping on hard ice. All these things are elementary and basic common sense when it comes to taking care of your teeth. Sounds simple, isn’t it?

Unfortunately, those aren’t enough. There are still a couple of important things you need to learn when it comes to your teeth. Here are 4 uncommon truths about your pearly whites:

  1. Your teeth needs a whole troop, not just a best friend.

If you think you only need a toothbrush, you’re very wrong. While a toothbrush is your teeth’s best friend, your pearly whites need a whole troop of friends.. In addition to your toothbrush, you also need dental floss and antibacterial mouthwash is highly recommended. But the most important defense of them all is your saliva. Our natural disinfecting agent rinses the cavity-causing bacteria off your teeth, gums, and tongue.

Tooth decay happens when bacteria feeds on the sugar in our food and drinks. During this process, acidic substances are produced, which corrodes the enamel of your teeth. Saliva rinses it out of your mouth to neutralize the corrosive effect, and promote the re-buildup of enamel.

However, achieving that cleansing effect with saliva can be difficult for people experiencing dry mouth syndrome. With the decreased production of saliva, there is also the lessened buffering effect to counter the caustic forces of sugar. Simply put, if you have less saliva in the mouth, you’ve got a real oral problem. When faced with dry mouth, keep your water bottle handy.

  1. Sweet Snacks and Sugary Beverages Can Hurt Your Pearly Whites.

If you think calories are the worst thing that could come out after binging on that huge piece of chocolate cake, you are wrong. When you indulge on your sweet little things, the sugar in it is what gets to your teeth. Whether it’s a glazed donut or a bite-size candy bar, you’re setting up an attack on your teeth. Sugar itself is not what rots your teeth— but it makes things much easier for the things that do rot your teeth.The more sugary sweets you have, the more bacteria produce acids disintegrate the enamel.

Sugar increases the risk of plaque buildup on your teeth. Eventually, this will lead to the softening of the enamel and thereafter tooth decay. So go easy on the sugar, and take care of your teeth daily to keep that plaque away.

  1. Don’t Swallow the Toothpaste.

Yes, this one! Not only is it quite unpleasant, the habit of gulping toothpaste may result in getting too much fluoride in your system. Excess fluoride can contribute to a number of medical conditions, and sometimes can even cause stains on tooth enamel through fluorosis.

The rule is don’t swallow, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to rinse off the toothpaste immediately after brushing. You can let it stay a bit longer. The sustained contact with fluoride makes for a more effective preventive measure against tooth decay. In fact, many dental procedures involve letting the fluoride-based gel or paste sit on the teeth for as long as 30 minutes.

  1. Your Dental Health Says a Lot about Your Overall Health

Can you believe dental problems are closely linked with serious health conditions like diabetes and heart disease? Several studies revealed that gum disease is associated with the risk of heart disease and premature births.

Remember that dental health is an important part of your overall health. If you’re looking for a Utah family dentist, get in touch with Alpenglow Dental Office. We’re here to help you achieve healthy, beautiful teeth that will last a lifetime. Contact us at (801) 878-1700 to make your appointment.

Utah Family Dentist

Would you like your family to have healthy, gorgeous smiles that will last a lifetime? One of life’s greatest joys is to have a beautiful set of pearly whites. Not only do you and your family look good with a stunning smile, you’ll also feel good about yourselves. Having an amazing smile can boost your self-esteem and confidence. Since having a great smile can make you look pleasing and amiable, it can also open doors for social and professional growth.

At Alpenglow Dental Office, we offer a wide assortment of exceptional dental care solutions for the entire family. From dental crowns to teeth-straightening braces, from dental bridges to veneers, from teeth whitening procedures to treatment for gum diseases, we got it all right here in our office.

Experience the complete dentistry care and treatment solutions that are focused on what you and your family needs. Get the advanced and comprehensive smile care only at Alpenglow Dental Office. To schedule your one-on-one consultation with our Utah family dentist, please don’t hesitate to give us a call at 801-878-1700. Our friendly staff will gladly assist you with your appointment scheduling needs as well as answer any questions or concerns that you might have. For your convenience, you can also view the full assortment of services that we offer by visiting our website at:

Great Dentistry Care for the Entire Family

Let your family experience the delight, pleasure, and luxury of having excellent smile care. At Alpenglow Dental Office, we bring the latest, revolutionary smile care solutions using innovative, state-of-the-art treatment techniques and up-to-date technology to brighten and improve your smile. We believe having a great-looking set of pearly whites contributes to an improved well-being and enhanced self-esteem. If you feel you or your family are unhappy with the state of your teeth’s health, come to us. As the premier Utah family dentist group, you can count on us to help you with your smile care needs.

Having a great smile can complete your wardrobe. It can complement any outfit you’re planning to wear for the day. What’s more, a beautiful smile can make you feel good, which will reflect in the way you move about; you will project elegance, poise, and confidence. And don’t think can’t notice this; they do! In fact, they will respond to this gracefulness and composure by perceiving you as friendly, amiable, and sociable. In turn, this can translate to successes in both social and professional dealings. Now wouldn’t you want that for yourself and your family?

Give yourself and your family the gift of healthy, beautiful smiles. At Alpenglow Dental Office, we don’t only improve your smile but we will also enhance your overall sense of well-being. For a lifetime of stunning, gorgeous smiles, look to the premier Utah family dentist team. Get in touch with us here at Alpenglow Dental Office. We are committed to give you and your family the best smile care available. Trust us to take care of your teeth and gum health as well as enhance the quality of your life. To schedule an appointment, call us at 801-878-1700 today.


Cosmetic Dentist in Sandy Utah

There has been a significant rise in interest for cosmetic dentistry. This goes to show that many people are seeking to have healthy, beautiful smiles. After all, a gorgeous smile can improve one’s appearance, boost confidence, and increase the chances of success in life. With the many advances in modern cosmetic dental treatments and technology, having a stunning smile is an attainable dream.

At Alpenglow Dental, we can improve the feel, function, and look of your smile. Thanks to our modern materials and technology, we offer fast, painless, and affordable cosmetic dentistry treatments in a relaxed and comfortable setting. Our friendly dentists can help you achieve the ideal size, shape, and alignment of your teeth. We can also fill in the unsightly gap or spaces between teeth to improve and correct bites.

Are you looking to get rid of the unattractive teeth stains or discolorations? Do you have decayed or cracked teeth? Are they chipped or broken perhaps? Would you like to replace a lost or missing tooth? Planning to replace old dental appliances? If you’re looking for a reliable cosmetic dentist in Sandy, Utah, you don’t have to drive across town. At Alpenglow Dental, we’re here to help you.

We offer a wide array of cosmetic dentistry options so you and your family can have the best smile that will last a lifetime. We have dental crowns, bridges, implants, veneers, and teeth whitening systems that are guaranteed to fit your unique smile care needs. What’s more, our cosmetic smile solutions are highly affordable. Do you have questions or concerns regarding our cosmetic dentistry care? Give us a call today at [telephone number].

Empowering Your Smile

Your smile has enough influence to create a good impression on you toward the people you have met for the first time. So isn’t it a great idea to empower it? If you’re looking for a cosmetic dentist in Sandy, there’s only one place to go. Get the look you want to have and smile at your best with the friendly dentists at Alpenglow Dental.

We take pride in bringing top-notch smile care using the latest technology and up-to-date techniques. We are not limited to just cosmetic dentistry care. We also provide high-quality general, preventative, and restorative dental care for the entire family. When you need the help of a cosmetic dentist in Sandy, be sure to come over. At Alpenglow Dental, we will empower and enhance the look, feel, and function of your smile.

Understanding Your Smile Care Needs

We know how a beautiful, healthy smile can go a long way for a person. It can be the best thing a person can wear in public. Smiling can improve one’s beauty and would make one appear amiable to others, contributing to social and professional successes.

At Alpenglow Dental, giving you a gorgeous smile is our mission. We want you to have a stunning smile that will enhance your appearance, self-esteem, and confidence. Why go through the inconvenience of running across town to look for dependable dental care. All your smile care needs are here.

Complete smile care is just a phone call away. Get in touch with Alpenglow Dental in Sandy for all your dental needs. Call us today at (801) 561-8131.

Utah Teeth Whitening with Alpenglow Dental

Have you ever wanted to have a movie-star smile? That makes you one of many Americans that do. In fact, there are about 10 million people in the U.S. hoping to have stunningly beautiful and whiter teeth. For this reason, an estimated average of $1.7 billion have been spent every year and that’s just for teeth whitening alone. Teeth whitening is the most sought-after cosmetic dental procedure in the U.S.; this despite the increasing number of teeth whitening products made available and sold over-the-counter.

Are you looking to have your teeth whitened? Want to remove the unsightly stains on your teeth safely, quickly, and comfortably? Look to the friendly dentists at Alpenglow Dental for your Utah teeth whitening needs. They can help you achieve gorgeous smile that will last a lifetime. Give them a call today at [telephone number].

Types of Tooth Stains or Discolorations

Did you know teeth stains or discolorations are classified into two categories? There’s extrinsic staining and intrinsic staining.

Years of drinking soda, coffee, and wine can produce unsightly extrinsic stains on your teeth. Tobacco use and wear and tear can also result in having these discolorations. For minor, superficial stains on teeth, one can remove them with regular brushing. Persistent, stubborn stains, however, may require a more involved effort with a dental specialist. If not treated, these hard-to-remove stains can become ingrained and penetrate through the outer layers of the teeth.

Intrinsic stains result from trauma, excessive fluoride use, or exposure to certain minerals. While over-the-counter teeth whitening products are the most accessible option, intrinsic stains may be resistant to be corrected using these solutions. To achieve the best whitening results, seek professional help.

When you need effective teeth whitening, come to Alpenglow Dental. Experience exceptional cosmetic dental care that is focused on your needs. With their good chairside manners and comfortable office conditions, these friendly dentists will ensure that you get the best smile care. For your Utah teeth whitening needs, schedule an appointment with Alpenglow Dental today at (801) 878-1700.

Advantages of In-Office Teeth Whitening

In-office teeth whitening is the most widely resorted cosmetic dental procedure today. Unlike over-the-counter, home-use teeth whitening systems, in-office procedures are safer and highly effective at achieving whiter, more beautiful teeth. What’s more, this cosmetic procedure is performed under the careful monitoring of a dental professional.

Are you teeth colored yellow, brown, or grey? Do your eating habits cause discolorations on your teeth? Did coffee, wine, or soda consumption result in having dark-colored teeth? Is tobacco use staining your teeth? At Alpenglow Dental, they can remove organic, stubborn, or persistent stains or discolorations on your teeth. Look to them to give you the movie-star smile you’ve always wanted.

In-office teeth whitening offers faster, excellent results. It is much safer compared to tooth bleaching. If you want to achieve whiter, more beautiful teeth, trust the friendly dental specialists at Alpenglow Dental to help you with your Utah teeth whitening needs. You can count on them to give you beautiful, healthy smiles. Call them today at (801) 878-1700.

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Dentures vs Implants

Have you been weighing on which option to get? On one side, you have dentures, and on the other, implants. Here are a few pointers about these 2 dental appliances.


There are 2 types of dentures: complete and partial. When all the teeth are missing, complete dentures are ideal; when some teeth remain, partial dentures. The primary purpose of dentures is to replace lost or missing teeth. The good thing about dentures is that they are removable, and you can easily clean them simply by getting them out of the mouth and wash it.

Complete dentures are either immediate or conventional. Conventional complete dentures are used when all the teeth are removed and the gums have healed. These dental appliances are usually set in the mouth about 8 to 12 weeks after the removal of the teeth. Immediate complete dentures, on the other hand, can be placed in the mouth right after the teeth are removed. The patient need not wait for the gums to heal. However, this is just a temporary solution while waiting for conventional dentures to be made.

Partial dentures usually has replacement false teeth on top of its gum-colored base; thus, it is known by its other name, false teeth dentures. In order to hold it in place in the mouth, this type of denture has a metal framework. It is commonly used to fill the gap left by the missing teeth, preventing the remaining teeth from moving and changing its position.

There are alternative to dentures. For years, people thought the only solution for missing teeth were bridges and dentures. Today, we have dental implants. While it may be a bit more expensive compared to dentures, dental implants have the look and feel of real teeth. In fact, dental implants are becoming more popular these days.

Dental Implants

Dental implants replace missing teeth from its roots, giving it a strong foundation and the look and feel of natural teeth. Aside from its aesthetics, these dental appliances offer wonderful benefits:

Peace of mind: There is comfort in knowing that they would not fall while you speak. Unlike poorly fitted dental appliances, dental implants will slip and cause you to mumble your words.

Improved comfort and self-esteem: Dental implants do not have the discomfort as that of removable dental appliances. Thus, it makes eating and chewing easier. What’s more, they can make you feel good about yourself because you can smile confidently with it.

Durability and reliability: With proper maintenance, you can count on dental implants to last for many years. In addition, dental implants have a success rate of about 98 percent.

The downside, however, to dental implants is that not everyone can be a candidate for this dental treatment. But as a general rule, anyone who is healthy enough to go through a normal dental extraction procedure can become a candidate for dental implants. In addition, the candidate must follow good oral care and do regular dental visits. People who smoke, diagnosed with heart disease or diabetes, or have undergone radiation therapy in the head or neck region must have to be evaluated first before they can be made suitable for dental implants. For those that can’t meet the requirements to become eligible for dental implants, false teeth dentures are still an option.

If you are considering dental implants or false teeth dentures are an option, talk to the friendly dentists at Alpenglow Dental. To discuss your dental care needs, schedule an appointment today by calling (801) 878-1700.

Extreme Tooth Pain: How Do You Know If You Need A Root Canal?

Are you suffering from extreme tooth pain? Is there swelling around the area of the affected tooth? Have you visited a dentist and was told that you have a root canal problem? You are one of the millions of Americans who are suffering from this dental disease. However, the good news is that your affected tooth can be treated and still be saved if you opt to undergo a root canal treatment. Also known as endodontic treatment, this procedure can alleviate pain and protect your tooth from further deterioration.

When you need exceptional dentistry care to help you with your root canal problem, you can depend on the reliable dentists at Alpenglow Dental for genuinely compassionate care and exceptional treatment. With their extensive skills and vast experience, it’s no wonder they have been recognized as one of the best Salt Lake City dentists.

To get a better understanding of how a root canal treatment works, let’s first take a look at the composition of the tooth.

Each one of our teeth is covered by the protective layers of dentin and enamel, which guards it from bacteria, infection, or damage. But beneath the hard exterior of our tooth lies a very sensitive and delicate part. This soft tissue area is known as the pulp. It is where the fragile nerves, blood vessels, and other vital connective tissues are positioned.

When the tooth’s protective cover is breached and bacteria gets through and penetrates into the pulp, it can cause infection or inflammation. In turn, this can result to tooth decay and damage. If left untreated, it can lead to pain, discomfort, swelling, or tooth loss.

Saving Your Tooth with Root Canal Treatment

The objective in an endodontic or root canal treatment is to carefully clean and disinfect the affected tooth. After the bacteria and debris are removed, the tooth is sealed with a rubber-like substance to protect the delicate pulp from further infection and damage. In most cases, a root canal treatment is usually completed in one or two appointments.

When correctly done, a root canal treatment can restore normalcy and efficacy in chewing or biting as well as protect the nearby teeth from getting infected. The pain, discomfort, and swelling is eliminated for a more comfortable dental functioning. Root canal treatment can also enhance the look and feel of one’s smile.

Getting a Root Canal Treatment

Are you struggling with severe tooth decay? Would you like to alleviate the extreme tooth pain and discomfort? Want to avert further, and possibly permanent, damage to your teeth? Would you like to improve its feel and function? Having a root canal procedure done is your best solution to protect your teeth from deterioration and restore your beautiful, healthy smile.

Wondering if you’re a good candidate for a root canal treatment? Speak with the friendly dentists at Alpenglow Dental and get an expert advice about your dental condition. These highly skilled and proficient dental specialists can help you with your root canal woes. They understand how difficult life can be for a person struggling with root canal problems.

Get the benefits of a top-notch, premier dentistry care from one of the leading Salt Lake City dentists. Come to Alpenglow Dental and experience truly compassionate treatment and exquisite smile care. Give them a call today at (801) 878-1700 to arrange your appointment.


How to Protect the Enamel on Your Teeth

Located at the center of each tooth is the pulp. This is a highly sensitive area since this contains the delicate nerves and vital blood vessels that supply the needed nutrients to the teeth and gums. The pulp is covered by the many layers of our tooth. If exposed, the pulp becomes susceptible to infection or damage, which can be very painful. Among the common symptoms of an infected or damaged pulp are visible injury, swelling, and extreme sensitivity of the gums and teeth to hot or cold. Thus, it is very important to protect the pulp. To do this, you need to fortify its primary defense against infection or injury, ie. protect the enamel on your teeth.

The pulp of your teeth becomes exposed when the teeth is broken or cracked or the enamel is breached. In most cases of cracked or broken teeth, it is difficult to determine the main cause of pain or discomfort because the symptoms come and go. When the crack extends into the highly sensitive areas, the affected tooth becomes susceptible to damage and infection. Accordingly, you may have to see professional dentists in Salt Lake City for your dental health needs. If not treated, it may result in the loss of the tooth. To avoid this, it is very important to protect the enamel on your teeth.

The enamel of your teeth is among the most durable substances in the body. Characterized as a hard, semi-clear protective layer, the enamel shields your teeth from the day-to-day damage resulting from biting, chewing, and similar other activities. The enamel is also responsible for protecting your teeth from the damaging effects of hot or cold food items or beverages. Yet despite being a hard exterior and a highly effective defense mechanism, your enamel will, over time, become susceptible to damage caused by acids, tartar, and bacteria in your mouth, among many other things.

As this protective shell gradually erodes, your teeth becomes increasingly prone to cavities or tooth decay as well as become highly sensitive to hot or cold. Here are a couple of simple, easy ways to protect the enamel on your teeth.

Food and drinks with high acidic content can slowly erode and wear away the protective layer of your teeth. Save your enamel from further wear and tear by simply cutting down on these highly acidic food items and beverages. These include soda, citric fruits and juices, coffee, tea, and the like.

Make it easy on your enamel and brush your teeth after every meal. This is particularly imperative if you’ve partook food or drinks high in acidic content. If brushing is not possible, rinse your mouth and gargle thoroughly. Chewing some gum can also help reduce the acid in your mouth.

If you can’t help it with your soda, coffee, or citric juices, use a drinking straw. That way, the acidic content will bypass your teeth. As much as possible, finish it up with milk to cancel out the acid.

Don’t forget to drink more water throughout your day. Water can help flush out the unwanted acids and bacteria.

With these simple habits, you can help keep your enamel intact and your teeth strong against the harmful elements that cause cavities or tooth decay. When you need help with dental health problems, look to one of the best and most reliable dentists in Utah County. Come to Alpenglow Dental and experience top-notch dentistry care with a personal touch. Get in touch with us at 801-878-1700.

Is flossing really that important? (Hint:Yes) Find out why

Is flossing necessary? Do you really need to floss? Only a few are well-informed on the need to floss regularly and why it is important. A visit to your dentist, he or she would recommend brushing your teeth at least twice a day. But what about flossing? Patients are recommended to floss once a day.

The question is: Why should you consider flossing when you’ve already brushed your teeth? Brushing can only do so much in keeping your mouth clean and healthy; however, flossing contributes to optimal mouth care and teeth cleaning.

A toothbrush is designed with soft bristles made to physically remove a sticky, bacteria-laden film called plaque on the sides of your teeth while toothpastes contain fluoride, which helps reduce bacteria in your mouth. But even with these tools combined, they can only clean your mouth up to a certain degree because the bristles of your brush can’t adequately clean in between the teeth. But with flossing, it does the trick.

Dental floss is a special oral hygiene tool designed to remove plaque in between the teeth and corners of your mouth where bristles find it hard to reach. For over-all, total health care, it is highly advisable to brush and floss daily.

While flossing plays a major role in good oral hygiene, it is also a more gentle way of cleaning the teeth since our teeth are positioned in the gums and jaw. The roots of each teeth are held firmly by the jaw, and the roots and bones are covered by the gums, which is composed of soft, sensitive tissues.  The space between gums and teeth are most delicate; it is where small bits of food get stuck. Overtime, plaque forms and hardens, becoming tartar, which is a thick, disgusting film that covers the surface of our teeth if we don’t observe proper oral hygiene and that dentists scrape out using special tools. Tartar may lead to gingivitis — red swollen and sometimes bleeding gums. If left untreated, these symptoms can lead to severe gum diseases such as periodontitis.

Without proper oral care, a person can develop tooth and gum diseases that go beyond discolored teeth, bad breath, bleeding gums. Bacteria in the mouth, if not properly addressed and eliminated, can cause other health problems like diabetes, heart ailments, and respiratory illness, which can affect your overall health in the long run. And did you know, according to research, heart disease is the leading cause of death in the U.S.? What’s more, about 25 million Americans have diabetes.

But the good news is all these can be avoided, whether it’s a simple tooth problem or a complicated gum disease. Prevention is the best key to optimal good health. Thus, it is highly important that you brush and floss regularly. Flossing only takes a few minutes a day. It’s a small, simple step that contributes to your long-term health; an easy price to pay for optimal oral health.

Fight bacteria and other oral concerns by finding a trusted oral physician. Alpenglow Dental houses highly skilled and professional Salt Lake dentists. Get in touch with us at (801) 878-1700 to achieve and maintain beautiful, healthy teeth!