Root Canals

You may well know that root canals have gained a bad reputation in the world of dental care.  But modern technology is evolving to make root canal treatments much more effective and tolerable.  Root canal procedures are performed to save teeth that otherwise would need to be removed.  Sometimes decay or injury can cause infection that spreads to the nerve supply (or pulp) of the tooth, creating an abscess.

When a tooth enters this stage of decay, it’s time to remove the problem and save the tooth structure.  To do this, we must remove the pulp of the tooth by hollowing out a “canal” where it once was.  Below the gum line a rubbery material is inserted to maintain the tooth’s structural integrity, and above that we’ll fill the tooth with regular filling.

Many people have a natural tendency to recoil in fear when it comes to talking about root canals, but actually the process can be relatively pain-free.  We use effective numbing solutions to ensure your tooth and jaw are numb while the root canal is performed.  After we’ve applied the solvent to the area, we continually communicate with our patients to ensure the utmost comfort possible.  Most patients insist that throughout the process, while sometimes feeling the small “bumps” or light pressure- they experienced virtually no pain at all.

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