A veneer is a shell of porcelain or plastic-like material which is bonded to the front and top of a tooth to help preserve its appearance- primarily color and shape. This is a great solution for those who have gaps in their teeth, small or misshapen teeth, or even teeth that have become stained because of daily use.

Veneers are a great solution for broken or chipped teeth as well, and can help restore the fullness of your smile.  The great thing about veneers is that, once in place, they essentially work naturally and seamlessly along with all of your original teeth.  They won’t feel bulky or unnatural, and before long you’ll forget they’re even there.

The quality of the porcelain we use provides a luster and shine so similar to natural teeth, few will be able to tell the difference.  In addition to looking great, they’re also strong enough to last nearly 20 years in great condition!  We’ll create the perfect veneers that compliment your face and restore beauty to your smile once again.

Call us today and we’ll tell you more about what our veneer treatment offers in terms of value and how we can customize it especially for you!