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Did you know the earliest evidence of dental care dates back to 7000 BC? Scientists have uncovered these dentistry tools in a Neolithic graveyard, which was part of ancient Pakistan.

It was only many centuries after this that the first dental occupation was thought to have existed. Traced back to 2600 BC, researchers saw an inscription on the tomb of an ancient Egyptian, which said that this person was the greatest to have ever dealt with dental health.

Ebers Papyrus, an ancient text created by Egyptians, was the first reference used by their civilization to identify oral health diseases and its appropriate remedies. This ancient text can be traced back to 1700 to 1550 BC.

Between 500 and 300 BC, Greek scholars Aristotle and Hippocrates produced written materials, which bear the subject of dental health. This journal focuses on the tooth decay and gum disease, among many others.

In 166 to 201 AD, this marked the era where people began to use dental appliances like crowns and bridges. By 500 to 1000, dentistry was practiced by monks, with the help of barbers. At that time, monks were considered the most educated individuals.

In 1530, the first book on dentistry was published and written by Artzney Buchlein. By 1683, Antony van Leeuwenhoek first discovered oral bacteria with the use of a microscope. In 1723, Pierre Fauchard, a French surgeon, produced the first complete book on dentistry. This book featured the basic structure of the mouth and its functions.

The 1900s saw the establishment of dental schools. By 1945, many Americans began practicing preventative dental care. They learned about it from returning soldiers who came back overseas. Fluoride toothpaste then became available around the 1950s.

It’s amazing how we have come a long way from the discovery of dental care during the ancient times to today’s technological advances. But with these developments in dental care, why is it that many people are still not getting the treatments they need?

Did you know around 25 percent of the adult population aged 65 and above in the world have lost all of their teeth? Most of the older people also have gum problems. Having receding gum tissue is to blame for tooth loss among the elderly.

In many cases, researchers revealed that most people would pass up on dental care because the charges are simply beyond their allotted budget. There is something wrong here. After all, every person deserves to get high-quality, comprehensive care.

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Beautiful Smiles to Last a Lifetime

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