How to Brush Your Teeth with an Electric Toothbrush?

An electric toothbrush doesn’t provide different results that a properly-used manual toothbrush. However, some people don’t brush thoroughly enough with a manual brush; those people will benefit from an electric toothbrush.

The brushing technique with an electric toothbrush is different from that of a manual brush. With a manual brush, you must provide all the movement; with an electric brush, you need only guide the brush. Here are the 10 steps to brushing with an electric toothbrush.

1apgd-89Floss your teeth before brushing. While using an electric toothbrush may clean your teeth more thoroughly, it can’t get between teeth like floss, so you’ll still need to floss your teeth. Though it doesn’t matter whether you floss before or after brushing your teeth, some dentists feel that brushing beforehand allows for better fluoride penetration from your toothpaste.

Make sure that your toothbrush is fully charged, or that the batteries are fresh. Rechargeable electric toothbrushes typically have lights that indicate the charge level so that you can see when the toothbrush needs to be charged. You can tell when battery-charged electric toothbrushes need fresh batteries when the toothbrush begins to slow down.



Apply toothpaste to the head of the brush. Use the toothpaste you normally use with a manual brush; special toothpaste is not necessary.


Turn the brush on and guide it to the outside of your front teeth. Don’t push down on the brush or move your hand around much; just guide the brush along the surface of each tooth, letting the brush’s action clean the tooth as you go. Hold the brush in place for a few seconds before guiding it to a new position on the tooth.

5Guide the brush from one tooth to the next, allowing the toothbrush to clean the outside of every tooth.

Repeat the process, this time cleaning the inside surface of every tooth.


Clean the chewing surface of each tooth by guiding the brush along the surface, holding the toothbrush in place for a few seconds before moving on.

8Rinse your mouth with a small amount of water.


9Run the head of your electric toothbrush under water to clean it.
10Wipe the handle of the brush to dry it and place the brush back on the charger (for rechargeable electric toothbrushes) or in a place where the toothbrush head won’t come into contact with germ-laden surfaces.

A Reminder…

Most manufacturers recommend that you replace the head of your electric toothbrush at least every 3 months.