How to Deal With a Chipped Tooth?

Sometimes your teeth take a hit and leave lasting damage. You might get a mark or, more terrifyingly, a chip out of a tooth. When you’re faced with that kind of damage, how are you supposed to deal with it? What are the options?

No matter how extensive the damage is, it would be a wise idea not to leave it alone for too long. It may not hurt, but any damage to your teeth will encourage further damage to the tooth and possibly the soft tissue surrounding it, which will make the problem harder to deal with physically and financially. You can discuss with your dentist what might be the best option for you and your situation, but don’t wait to solve the problem.



apgd-86Filling and Bonding:

The treatment of the tooth will depend on how badly the tooth is damaged. If it isn’t too bad, the tooth may only require filling and bonding. The filling will simply fill in whatever may be missing from the tooth and the bonding will seal the tooth to protect it from any possible wear and tear. It’s a relatively painless treatment and doesn’t take all that long to do. In some cases, you may have to get some porcelain veneers so your teeth will look great cosmetically.


apgd-87Crowns, Inlays and Onlays:

Should your teeth be badly damaged, you may need to take a different route to mend your teeth. If the damage to the tooth doesn’t affect the placement of your teeth, you may need a crown with an inlay and possibly an onlay. A crown simply fits over the chipped tooth to provide a substantial surface for chewing and mashing up your favorite foods. An inlay is similar to a filling, preventing any kind of debris from getting under the crown and giving you grief. Onlays may not necessarily be needed, unless the crown can’t provide the protection your tooth needs.


apgd-88Tooth Extraction:

If your tooth is too damaged for even a crown, then it will probably need to be removed. While it sounds like a scary prospect, it’s sometimes the best option. If you feel pain whenever you put pressure on the tooth, it’s probably time for it to come out. But there’s no need to worry, as the extracted tooth can be replaced with an implant or a dental bridge, covering up the damage cosmetically and also giving you a suitable chewing surface. This way, you won’t have to deal with any pain or aesthetic issues.

What it really comes down to is that the best way to handle a chipped tooth is to get it treated. Don’t leave it unattended and don’t try to deal with the damage yourself. Doing either can result in worse condition of the tooth and gums, which is a bigger hassle than anyone is willing to deal with. If you chip your tooth, visit your dentist and discuss what can be done to ensure the situation is handled properly.