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Are you looking for a dentist who has the experience, education and is known to provide a life-long, beautiful smile in The District?  If you are, schedule an appointment at Alpenglow Dental in The District today. We utilize the latest dental technology, dental procedures, and dental care so you know that you can get the most accurate treatment and the best care available. Whether you need a full-mouth restoration, a simple dental cleaning or dental filling, we can help you receive soft dental care and exceptional dental care. Enhance the natural beauty of your smile today!

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If you need a regular cleaning, annual exam, deep cleaning, or dental x-rays, our highly skilled family dentists can help. We also have top dental hygienists and technicians that are ready to provide you with the best dental care. It doesn’t have to be a traumatic experience when you visit the dentist. Our caring staff will help make you feel comfortable during your dental cleaning, dental exam, teeth x-ray, teeth whitening procedure, or any other dental procedure at our office.

Dental Implants Periodontist

Do you need a Dental Periodontist to install implants? False!

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We offer medical and dental experiences with a high-tech dental alternative for jawbone care. We have the latest in high-technology care, such as digital x-rays, biochemical non-surgical care bone, tissue engineering and tissue regeneration procedures, and a world-class dental implant department. We will protect your smile will you will have worry-free dental care and top dental implants for a lifetime.

Teeth Whitening Service

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With our tooth whitening services, it lightens teeth and helps to remove stains and discoloration. Teeth whitening is among the most popular cosmetic dental procedures because it can greatly improve how your teeth and smile look. Some people like to whiten their teeth or get their teeth whitened because of age, coffee and/or tobacco, eating habits, soda use and natural discoloration of teeth due to family genetics. Schedule your teeth whitening appointment today to get started on a teeth whitening treatment plan and for a whiter brighter smile.

Cosmetic Dentist

Affordable Cosmetic Dentistry Near Me

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Receive the best cosmetic services from the top dentist with the best reviews in cosmetic dentistry when you visit your dentist at Alpenglow. As a cosmetic dentist, we offer dental veneers, dental bridges, dental bonding, teeth whitening, dental implants,, mouthguards, dental crowns and night guards.  Bonding is performed to repair damage caused by decay and close gaps between the teeth and repair teeth gaps. It can also alter the alignment of the tooth or for other cosmetic purposes.

Dental Hygienist

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Having good dental hygiene is important in order to keep a healthy mouth and healthy teeth. Brushing often flossing often is essential to maintaining a healthy smile and a happy smile. Even if your personal hygiene habits are good, it’s smart to visit a certified dental hygienist regularly. Brushing and flossing are not always enough and can fail to remove food build up, plaque and tartar from those hard to reach places. Tartar build-up can lead to gingivitis, gum disease, bad breath, and cavities. It can also lead to toothaches and tooth decay. It is always a good idea to break down the tartar buildup that brushing can miss. Having good dental hygiene habits of brushing and flossing is important to also prevent bleeding gums and other serious dental problems. Call us today to make a dental appointment for a dental check-up, teeth whitening services, dental cleaning, or a dental emergency.

Pediatric Dentist

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Our pediatric dentist is dedicated to the oral health of perinatal, early infant oral care, infant oral health, and adolescent dental care. We try to prevent issues with thumb sucking and baby bottle tooth decay. The toddlers, pre-teens, and teenagers all need different help in guiding their dental growth and dental development. A qualified pediatric dentist is best suitable to meet these needs and helping them avoid future dental problems. Why are the primary teeth important? It is very important to maintain the health of the primary teeth or baby teeth for proper chewing and eating. They also provide space for the permanent teeth and normal development of the muscles and jaw bones. Primary teeth can also affect the development of speech and add to an attractive smile in adolescent dentistry.

Denture Care Center

Get the Best Dentures in Salt Lake County

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When you’re in need of a denture dentist you can depend on us for great service. Find affordable dentures & implants at Alpenglow Dentist. We strive to provide fast, convenient assistance that will exceed your expectations in every way. When you choose our practice, you’ll benefit from flexible payment terms and an on-site denture lab, which allows many patients to receive same-day service. Our denture clinic is proud to offer patients custom denture solutions at budget-friendly prices. Our services include Full Dentures and partial dentures, Denture-retention implants, Tooth extractions, dental crowns, denture repairs.

The District, UT

The District is a suburb of South Jordan only west of Salt Lake City and sits along the banks of the Jordan River. It was built up in 1859 by Mormon pioneer travelers who were escaping from religious abuse in the Midwest. The District is currently arranged in Salt Lake County and rests between the Oquirrh Mountains and the Wasatch Mountains. It is a piece of the Salt Lake City metropolitan domain and is just a short drive to Salt Lake City. At first, South Jordan was a town whose economy relied upon conveying products and taking care of farmland. Today it is a creating room system of Salt Lake City with a marvelous mix of an old farm feel with exhibit day extravagances. It is most addressing suburbanites because of the short 30-minute drive to downtown Salt Lake City and the enormous family all around arranged neighborhoods. As of the 2010 measurements, the masses was 50,418 and it shows up. All the farmland is diminishing and is by and by overflowing with sprawling neighborhoods. The Jordan River travels through a broad section of the city which offers magnificent recreational zones for outside fans. These zones join the Riverfront freeway trail, calculating lakes, parks and a trademark an area that is unprecedented to find in numerous urban territories. You can find the Salt Lake County jubilee, Oquirrh Lake, equestrian stop and in excess of 20 stops inside the city. One genuinely cool reality about South Jordan-it is the only Utah city, and the only city in the World with two Temples, which is really awesome. Come to visit The District today to see all the modern amenities a city has to offer. With unlimited shopping and a huge megaplex at the District movie theatre, you can be entertained for hours!


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