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Our Saratoga Springs Dental office has the best dental care. Our highly trained professionals specialize in all aspects of dental care. We will make sure we are gentle, attentive and thorough when you come for a dental visit. Our top priority is giving our patients the best possible dental care. When you need a family dentist in Saratoga Springs Look to Alpenglow Dental clinic in Saratoga Springs. We provide regular check-ups, dental cleanings, dental fillings, teeth whitening, dental implants or dental crowns. Rely on our Alpenglow Dentist Saratoga Springs for all your dental work.


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When you need a local dental office that provides affordable dental care look to Alpenglow Dental. We do tooth extractions, implants, crowns, bridges, root canals, dental cleanings, fillings, and much more. When you have tooth pain or need an emergency dentist nearby, get expert dental care at Alpenglow Dental. As a full service dentist office close to home, we are here to help our clients with their overall oral health and oral hygiene. A happy mouth is a happy life.


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Saratoga Dentist Office for All Children

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Developing good oral hygiene at a young age is very helpful for the overall health of your child This is very important to us at Alpenglow Dental. We can help prevent future dental problems that can affect your child’s health and self-image. Our caring staff helps keep kids relaxed and happy so they can get the best possible dental treatment. We will create a positive dental experience for your child.


Cosmetic Dentist

Cosmetic Dentistry Giving You A Beautiful Smile 

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Our professional cosmetic dentist office focuses on improving the appearance of the teeth, mouth, and smile. When you want a quality cosmetic dentist that is careful consider Alpenglow Dental Saratoga Springs.  We offer cosmetic dentistry services that include veneers, dental implants, and invisible braces. Our goal is for you to have great oral health. 


Saratoga Springs, UT

The City of Saratoga Springs is an invigorating new master improvement system arranged on the northwest shores of Utah Lake in the point of convergence of Utah’s Wasatch Front Metropolitan Area. The city melded in December of 1997. From its outright beginning stage, the City experienced quick improvement and today there is more headway eagerness for the City than at later in its short history. 

The population is evaluated at around 32,000 occupants – a rustic people that work along the Wasatch Front, yet needs a quiet provincial locale wherein to live. The City is giving different awards for private dwelling units and is among the best five most raised improvement urban zones in Utah. As a region, the northern Utah County zone has in a like manner experienced fast headway and advancement of late. In 2017 alone, Saratoga Springs together gave in excess of 1,000 structure licenses, 60 percent of which were private dwelling units. 

Saratoga Springs is simply not entirely made and it is ordinary that the masses of the City will be in excess of 120,000 occupants. There are up ’til now a couple of gigantic bundles that stay similarly as different tinier tracts that will one day be made. In its General Land Use Plan, the City has goals made courses of action for low, medium and high thickness private, neighborhood and regional parks, schools, business, and office utilizes and gigantic inventive work properties.


Alpenglow Dental 

1528 N Commerce Dr. #202 | Saratoga Springs, UT | 84045

Phone: (801) 206-9088


City of Saratoga Springs

1307 N Commerce Dr.  Suite 200 | Saratoga Springs, UT | 84045

Phone (801) 776-9793


Rocky Mountain Power

PO Box 25308  | Salt Lake City, UT  | 84125

Phone: (801) 237-2293  | Toll-free: (888).221-1070


Dominion Energy

PO Box 45841  | Salt Lake City, UT  | 84139-0001

Toll-free:  (800) 323-5517