My mother is an excellent seamstress and an ever better quilter. I have always wanted to make a quilt but never really knew what I would do with the quilt since I already had so many that my mom had made me and I didn’t know who I would give it to since there were not a lot of special occasions coming up for any of my close friends or family members. Finally, I decided that I was just going to make a quilt for my coworker who was pregnant. She and I were never really super close, but she was still someone who I would get a baby shower gift for anyways, so I figured it would be a good opportunity to make one.

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I was a little nervous to make a quilt but my mom said she would help me and teach me how to do it so I knew it would turn out alright no matter how I messed up because she could fix it. So we went to look for fabric at Quilter’s Attic which is right off of 2200 S and Orchard Drive right by the Conoco and the Goldenwest Credit Union. I knew that her theme for his room and all his clothes was going to be soccer because they were naming the baby boy after a soccer player that her husband loves. They were also going to do a pastel blue so that made my options pretty easy, or so I thought. I could not find cute soccer fabric anywhere in the store. There were a couple that was not the right material that I needed but there were none in the fabric that I did need. But I had already found so many other cute fabrics that I didn’t want to put them back and try somewhere else or buy at lots of different places. I asked the store attendant and she said that they actually just got a bolt of the exact fabric that I was looking for, it was just still in the back.

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It was a miracle! She went and got the fabric for me and it was perfect. I was able to get all the soft and adorable fabric I needed to do this baby quilt. When I got back to my parents which was just on the other side of Davis County and the top part of Bountiful we were able to get to work. I can’t tell you how many little squares I had to cut. I underestimated how much time this was going to take for sure. I thought we could crank it out in a day or maybe two but it took me a good 2 weeks of coming over after I got off work at the VCA Lakeview Animal Hospital which was also in Bountiful, Utah and two Saturdays. I think it would’ve gone faster if just she was doing it, but I had to be patient because I was learning and had to do all the steps myself after she would show me generally how to do the stitch, cut, or technique. In the end, it turned out great and I was able to give it to my coworker who adored it. I think it was worth the process and now the next time will be faster.

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