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Let me tell you about our Saratoga Springs adventure and how we experienced all sides of this beautiful city. It started out very early in the morning as we wanted to see the sun rise above the mountain as we began our trek up Mt. Timpanogos. It is an  11,750-foot peak in the Wasatch Range and has 17+ miles of trails in a scenic, wilderness setting. Of course, we didn’t hike all 17 miles, thank goodness. We did, however, hike the trail to the Timpanogos Cave National Monument where we got a guided tour of the cave. And we only had to hike the 1 and a half miles. There was a nice breeze, the sun was warm and inviting, and the scenery was breathtaking. We were able to cool off in some small waterfalls. What a great way to start out the day.

Next on our schedule was experiencing Saratoga Springs on Utah Lake. We went to the Saratoga Hot Springs, which I had never done before. Saratoga Springs is home to unique hot springs and parks including Neptune Park, Inlet Park, Shay Park, Harvest Hills Park, North Lake Park, and Hennekub park.

Dentists Saratoga Springs

We got there just in time to watch the fisherman coming in off the lake. There was also a parade about to start so we figured we would go to that. There were creative floats, rodeo clowns throwing candy, lots of horses in the parade. Saratoga also had a car show full of cool old cars in the distance.

Once the parade ended we lingered around the children’s art & photography show a bit before the City Carnival started. There was a dunk tank, which is one of my favorite attractions. The entire park was dotted with food booths, carnival games, rides, and attractions. You could spend your entire paycheck if you went to everything. It kept us busy for a few hours until our hiking snacks wore off and our stomachs started growling.

We had heard about the world famous Beto’s Mexican Food. We decided to go check it out and see if our stomachs would agree with the world. There were many options to choose from when it came to delicious food. It was really hard to make a decision. They had the typical dishes like enchiladas, flautas, ceviche, and tacos. I didn’t realize there was a back to the menu. There was more…Salads and nachos, and a plethora of options for desserts and drinks. I will say no more, so you can go experience it yourself.

Dentist Saratoga Springs

With full tummies, we set out to enjoy more of the day’s festivities. After a few more hours of fun, the kids were ready for a fun carnival treat. With so many options to choose, they had to try them all. One does not go to a carnival without getting the carnival treats like elephant ears, funnel cakes, popcorn & candy apples.

The rest of the evening was full of Bull riding, calf ropin’, and barrel racing. It was such a fun-filled day in Saratoga Springs, Utah that exhausted us all.

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