Saratoga Springs is on the other side of the point of the mountain and it is growing rapidly. The housing market is booming in Utah right now. Saratoga Springs is a newer city with newer buildings and developments. It is within an hour of Salt Lake City and it is also within a half an hour of many larger cities including Lehi, Highland, Alpine, Provo, and Orem. Like I said Saratoga Springs is still developing but it is looking like a very promising area. So far Saratoga has one marina at Utah Lake, Saratoga Springs Marina. There is also the Saratoga Hot Springs, which I believe that’s where the name Saratoga Springs came from. Apparently, there are many hot spring pools to choose from and the water is blazing hot. There is also a Walmart, Maurice’s, Chase Bank, Panda Express, Taco Bell, Wendy’s, Mod Pizza and all kinds of places to eat. Overall, it’s a nice place to live. You have all the conveniences of living near a larger city and then you have a country feel where you live.

A little while ago my family was looking to buy a home somewhere over in that area. We are currently in a rental because we moved from Oregon three years ago. We meant to get into a house of our own within a few years of being here. But life had other plans for us, so we are not going anywhere anytime soon. Because Saratoga Springs was just getting started and builders were taking up so much land to start construction, finding a home was impossible. We were so hopeful for so long. We searched and searched, and our Agent helped so much. He was local to Saratoga Springs and he was very friendly, very motivated, and very helpful. We found three or four different homes and lots we could have bought but every time we tried to jump on one, they were snatched up. We tried for so long to find a home or lot that would work. It just wasn’t happening because of all the builders buying land to start whole subdivisions. Eventually, we stopped looking in that area. It is a shame because there is so much beauty and nature everywhere. I loved that there are so many parks within the city limits like Regal Park, Sunrise Park, Neptune Park, and Inlet Park.

For the July 4th weekend a few years ago we planned to go on vacation somewhere. We planned several months in advance and we were so excited to go. We all packed our things a few days before and were ready to go! A few nights before we were supposed to leave my husband came home and said he was on call for the whole week. He had to stay to make sure no issues would happen at Adobe. He had to stay at within an hour of Adobe. So, we canceled vacation and made do with what we had. We planned a staycation and we got invited to go boating with some friends we were going to Utah lake with. He has a lot of money and he likes big and expensive toys. He had a brand-new Mastercraft boat that he needed an excuse to go play with it. So, he invited us and our cousins to go with. We played on the tubes jumped off the side of it, practiced diving off the boat. It was a lot of fun. We stayed all day long. He owns a

real estate company that makes a lot of money. He also flips homes on the side and of course is making a big profit. Saratoga Springs is full of life and has so much potential. Whether you are local or just visiting Saratoga Springs, fun is everywhere.

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