This last Summer I had the opportunity to have a fun weekend in Bountiful, Utah with my two older sisters for my birthday. It was such a fun way to end the week unwinding, shopping, and eating great food. We were able to have some great talks, which doesn’t occur all the time. Generally, we have a young ladies end of the week in the late spring or fall each year and it is a merited escape. This young ladies trip was exceptionally extraordinary and a paramount trek.

We arrived Friday evening and we quickly went to the pool for some sun and unwinding once we checked in. The temperature was 85 degrees, the sky was a delightful blue and the water was impeccable. We could have remained by the pool all night… yet our stomachs had different plans. After the stunning time at the pool, we chose to snatch a nibble to eat at the Greek Cafe. Their menu was straightforward, however, the food was heavenly. Greek sustenance is one of my top picks when it is done well and they nailed it! It was the ideal method to end the ideal day.

Saturday morning we stirred to go to the Bountiful Saturday Market at the Bountiful City Park on North 200 West. The recreation center is a tremendous green wonderland set up with rambling corners loaded up with merchants offering amazing food, crafts, and apparel. They move everything from natively constructed juices, candles to apparel and caps. It was a little overwhelming at first with how many booths there were. They had amazing homemade candles, juices, paintings, jewelry and all kinds of apparel. I was consistently enticed to buy all that I saw and needed to control myself on numerous events. I did, in the end, purchase a cap as my trinket and thinking back I wish we would have all purchased something like recollect our trek.

We enjoyed a reprieve and had a late breakfast at the Bun Basket and Bakery on Main Street. They have a sublime quiche that made me need to have a second piece and their pasties are beyond words! I will need to return once more.

Next, we went into the Historic Bountiful Main Street to take in some extra shopping. They have such a wonderful and interesting minimal downtown territory. It’s fixed with little boutiques, eateries and other slick little shops. A portion of my top picks incorporates Twirl, which is loaded up with women’s apparel, shoes and one of a kind gems. I could have remained throughout the day in that store. I additionally adored the Rocky Mountain Boutique which was like the Twirl. I found a lovely dress that I am excited to wear to church the next Sunday.

When we were done with all our shopping, we went to the Music in the Park for Ryan Schupe and The Rubberband concert. His music is so hip and fun to listen to. His words speak right to my heart and make me tear up every time.  Both of the bands played so many wonderful songs that didn’t recognize but thoroughly enjoyed. The show finished really late and we were tired and sore so we returned to the hotel and absorbed in the hot tub. It was truly necessary after such a bustling day. The whole weekend turned out to be such a needed getaway! Bountiful was truly what we needed.

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