When I was a little kid in 4th grade I was in an advanced program that Eastlake Elementary School had because of my reading and comprehension levels. I thought it was going to be the best part of my year and I would learn so much more and get to read tons of books. Little did I know that the advanced program was actually for all subjects, not just for my reading and English. I was in for a big shock when my teacher got up one day in front of the class and started to introduce us to long division. I had no idea what she was saying and it was going right over my head. I tried to ask a lot of questions and be very involved so I could understand more and I thought I was doing better. That was before I saw my mid-report card grades. They were flawless in every subject except for math. I was failing math. I had never failed anything in school and had never gotten a grade lower than an A-. I was so disappointed and went home and cried in my room.

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When my mom tried to ask me what was going on I wouldn’t tell her anything because I was so embarrassed. So she called my teacher the next day to find out what had happened at school that made me come home crying. The teacher explained that I found out I was failing math and I thought I was going to disappoint my family and that they wouldn’t like me anymore because I wasn’t smart. My mother was smart and took this and formulated a plan with the information. She started nonchalantly asking me more if I needed any help with my homework and sat down with me for long periods of time while I struggled through my math. She never complained about how long it took me or all the other things she had to do instead of helping me with my math.

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Not only was I getting help at home now but I was also getting help at school. I thought the extra help at school was going to be the worst thing ever because I had to stay in from recess with all the kids I thought were super weird and “bad” because they never got to go to recess. Well, those kids turned out to be some of my best friends and years later we had memories all over South Jordan, Salt Lake County, and the Salt Lake Valley together. So I mean yes, I was not excited and definitely embarrassed to be bad at math, it was a great experience to do something I didn’t think I could at such a young age. Years later I could go back to Welby Elementary as I drove right on 4000 W which is the larger road it is off and I could sit and reflect on all the crazy fun and hard times that I had. No recess happened to pay off.


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