My husband is obsessed with dogs. Literally any kind. He likes the really tall skinny ones all the way down to the little dogs with fat faces. He couldn’t care less that when they lick you their breath smells terrible and leaves you all wet. They paws can push into you uncomfortably when they jump all over you and their little teeth hurt when they bite you. As you can probably tell, I do not love dogs. I don’t really feel a strong connection with most pets in general but I do think they are super cute. Just from a distance. My family growing up had a cat who I loved to death as long it was not touching me. If it was touching me or sitting on me I thought I was going to die at any moment because if I would breathe too deep or move at all her claws would come out. So when I had a boyfriend that said he wanted a dog when he got married and had a house I was automatically not excited about that part.

So fast forward and I marry that boyfriend and everyone always asks us when we are going to get a dog because they know how much my husband loves them. I always have to tell them that we can’t have one right now because with work full time and school full time there is not a lot of room left to take care of a dog, let alone give it all the love, attention, and training that a puppy needs. But I did want to do something fun for my husband that he would really appreciate that had to do with dogs. I did a little research on the places around Utah County to see where I could take him that had anything to do with dogs. That is when I found the Puppy Barn in Saratoga Springs, UT right off Redwood Road.

The Puppy Barn is a place where you can go and play with puppies of all different breeds, shapes, and colors. It is a popular date night location for the Utah Valley area and a top location to be in Saratoga Springs. Since it is right off Redwood road there are a ton of places right by it that you can grab food at like Sean’s Smokehouse BBQ & Grill, Beto’s Mexican Food, Chubby’s Cafe, or even Little Caesars Pizza. So we decided to go in and he had such a blast. I can’t count how many puppies I’m sure he would’ve gotten if we didn’t make the deal to not get any puppies before we went in. So if you or your friend or loved one is a dog lover, this is a perfect place to go for an evening out for some fun interaction with some puppies. There is a small entrance fee, just so you can be aware of it, but it is only one dollar on most every night but two on Saturdays since that is a more popular time to go. But go check it out!

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