The Utah Hogle Zoo is a highlight of going to Salt Lake City, Utah. They have a large variety of animals and different types of enclosures for the animals. At my old job the company decided to do a summer party and it ended up getting to be at the zoo. I was not super excited to go because the zoo is always super busy and has so many kids running around everywhere. But then I heard that we were going to get a private event so I thought it might be fun to go to anyways. I got to bring as many guests as I wanted so I brought my fiance, mom (who loves the zoo but nobody will ever go with her), my sister and her husband.

When we all got there-we saw a ton of people leaving the zoo which I was excited about. We made our way to the food. We had rented out the whole pavilion and they had amazing hamburgers and hot dogs. They also had a huge cart full of ice cream bars and we could have as much of whatever we wanted. I think the boys had a hot dog eating contest so we just laughed at them and ate our watermelon. After we were done there we decided to venture out to the rest of the zoo. When we started walking around I thought we were going to have to make our way quickly through the zoo because I wasn’t seeing anyone around so I thought the zoo was closing soon. I quickly ran up to my coworker and asked what time we needed to be out. They said they had the same question so they just went and asked and apparently we had the whole zoo rented out just for our company. I got so excited.

The Utah Hogle Zoo is a part of Salt Lake Valley in Salt Lake County so I go often, but not as much as I would if we got the whole zoo to ourselves. It was such a fun experience and we had no lines or any of the food, shows, or exhibits. You didn’t have to avoid a ton of little kids running all around you. It was so nice. And I had never been to the zoo that late so it was fun to see some animals awake that I had never seen awake before. If you haven’t been to the Utah Hogle Zoo, you need to go at some point because it is so fun. And it is not that hard to find. It is just right off E Sunnyside Ave up close to the University of Utah. So if you have any little kids, a love of animals, or have people visiting you from out of town, this is a must-see place to visit. They even got a new addition to the zoo called Red Pandas and they are adorable and look so cuddly. It was a great experience to go as a company but I won’t ever forget getting to be at the Zoo without all the crowd!

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