Alta High School supposedly has a really great drivers ed teacher so I was going into the class a little more hopeful than annoyed. I hate driving and I did not want to learn how to drive at all. It was probably the last thing on my to-do list. But my parents said that if I wanted a job when I turned 16 that I was going to need to have my own license so that I could drive myself and earn money for my own car since I couldn’t use the family minivan forever. So I relented and told them I would take it at school because I really did not want to go to another business and do the program there. So alas, that is why I am sitting in class at school learning to not turn left on red lights. I thought this was going to be a very lame class. And the turns out the teacher who normally teaches this class was out on maternity leave, so I wasn’t even going to get the super fun teacher but Alta High School does have quite a few good teachers that have won awards for best teacher in Salt Lake County and in Jordan School District, so hopefully this one is just as good.

When it came time for driving on the range I was dreading it. I did fine in the classroom time of the class, but getting behind the wheel of a car made me so nervous. Especially having the teacher sitting right next to me and other students in the back seats of the car. If I made a mistake I would be mortified. But turns out I actually did pretty good and was passing all the metrics that I needed to in order to get my road test which meant I could get my permit. So when it came time for the road test you bet that I was nervous. There are a lot of crazy drivers and it doesn’t help that there are some busy roads by Alta like S 1000 E and E 11000 S and you had to go all the way to State Street for the test. So I was paying more attention every time my parents would drive me anywhere or for the carpool to school and making sure I knew which signs were where on those roads. I did not want to have to repeat this class again.

When it came time for my road test I was so nervous but I was able to drive right past the Altara Elementary school and wasn’t thrown off by the school zone. I also drove past Dimple Dell Fitness and Recreation Center and was able to be cautious about the pedestrians that were all crossing the street to go to the gym. Everything went fine on my test that I was aware of. I hope at least. So I was so happy and also relieved when we all got our scores back and mine was passing. I could get my permit and in 6 months could get my license and a job!

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