My husband is super into baseball. I would even dare to say it is an obsession. It gets really intense when he plays with his team and I can’t even count how many pairs of cleats he has. Not to mention his collection of bats and different team hats. So when he asked if he could join a summer league I didn’t have to think twice. I did not want to be the person to get in the way of him and baseball. He got his full team put together except for the pitcher. He had two guys that were supposed to commit but that he still wasn’t sure on so he was a little nervous for the opening game. When we got to the Alta Canyon Sports Center where the first couple games of the tournament were going to be held we were excited. We hadn’t been to Sandy, Utah many times, but we live in the Salt Lakey Valley and Salt Lake County in general so it had always been close. It had a really nice facility for the price that had to be paid for the entry and was actually really easy to find. It was right off of Highland Drive and E 9510 S.

On our way up we actually passed a couple of places that looked like they had really good food so my husband had a little more motivation to win the game, because if they did then it was a victory dinner, not just ice cream. I had him pick out where he wanted to go beforehand though so it wouldn’t take forever to choose when we were both starving. Normally I would just get a ballpark hot dog, but we always celebrate the first and last games. He decided on Sandy Black Bear Diner which was just right around the corner. He had heard a lot of good things about that restaurant because of family and friends that had been there so even I was excited.

The game was going fairly well until it started to sprinkle. The bases normally get a little bit slippery when it rains so I knew there were going to be an extra amount of stains I would have to work out of those bright white baseball pants. Our 3 point lead started to diminish and we fell behind. You could tell the team’s morale started to get down just a little bit as this was their first game and the second pitcher hadn’t shown up yet so the first pitcher was getting tired. Thankfully I was able to check my husband’s phone when I thought I heard it and saw that the other pitcher was calling. He had been lost for the whole first inning trying to get to Alta Canyon Sports Center so he felt awful. I was able to give him some directions because Sandy, UT wasn’t set up in a confusing way at all for me at least since I grew up in the valley. He got there a few minutes before the end of the second inning and the whole team got so excited. It seemed like their luck seemed to turn around and they were able to pull the team together for a win by 2 points. It was really intense at the end, but it was great ending, especially since we got burgers at the Sandy Black Bear Diner, which was amazing. Some of the best food in Sandy or Salt Lake County for sure.

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