South Jordan, Utah is considered home to many people, including our family. We used to live in South Jordan with our cousins the Grillone’s. They lived in the basement, and we lived on the top floor of a beautiful rambler. Our landlord lived in an RV in the driveway. I had my first big friend birthday party at that house. We played minute to win it games, played dress up and ate cake.

Down the street of our house was this shopping place area by the South Jordan City Library. In front of it, all was this huge fountain. During the summer we would all go there and have a blast. There were many places to shop as well like Harmons, Savers, Dollar Tree and my favorite, Froyo. Our cousin Isabelle would take me and my siblings to munchies. She would buy us the small cups that we could put under any of the many options that they had. I would go and put fruity ones together with gummy worms. My favorite was the birthday cake, or the mango one. Sometimes we would just walk around the neighborhood.

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When I was younger my family used to live with my grandparents in another area of South Jordan. They live in this really big house with a lot of stories. My siblings and I were homeschooled for the first few of our elementary years. My very first day of school was at Jordan Ridge Elementary. I was in second grade and I had never been to a school before. I had a really cool teacher and made a lot of friends. It was right behind our house so we got to walk to school. That was pretty cool. South Jordan had so many fun places to go to.

When I turned twelve, I was now able to go to the temple. There is a really nice and big temple called the Jordan River Temple in the heart of South Jordan. I got to go there once.  It was beautiful and huge. A little bit after that, the temple closed for remodeling. It took two years for it to be finished. Now it is even more beautiful. I have so many fond memories from my time in South Jordan.

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One of my best friends from middle school lived in South Jordan. Her house was very nice. I went there for the first time at her birthday party. We played Telestrations, Mario Kart, dyed shirts, and played on their playset. She had this really cute dog.

The next time I went to her house was in the summer. They had a golf cart and we rode it around for a little bit. Another cool place I went to during the summer is Mulligans. Mulligans is a really fun place for miniature golf. There is a little course that was a blast when I was younger. We would grab one of the putters and a ball and get going. I would usually choose a blue or pink one. Next to Mulligans was The Lifetime gym. My family would go there a lot. We would play basketball, go lift weights, go swimming, and there was a rock climbing wall that we would go to a lot. I loved rock climbing when I was younger and that is why I always liked to go to Lifetime. I see why living and playing in South Jordan is so popular.


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