Recess was the best part of Elementary school. That is the bottom line for how I viewed Elementary School. Recess was the best. Do you remember the tetherball game? I think I played that every single recess break that I had when I was attending Welby Elementary School in South Jordan, Utah. I had a lot of friends that were in my class in 5th grade so I was way excited going into the new school year because I knew that tetherball was going to become 10 times better because I could play with all my friends. I also got way more excited when I found out that my teacher was going to be Ms. Smith. She was supposed to be the most fun teacher in the whole grade and had gotten teacher awards for the Jordan School District and the Salt Lake Valley so I thought for some reason that we would get extra recesses or what not. Don’t ask me why I thought that because I honestly could not tell you. But I mean, hey, I was in 5th grade so everything that doesn’t make sense now made sense then.

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Going into the first day of school I was able to walk with a couple of my friends who lived right by the school with me on 9580 S. It was a short walk because we practically ran to school with all of our excitement packing into our bags with all of our new folders and pencils. When we got to class our teacher did some fun get to know you games and we started with some reading from the first book we were going to read for the class. When it was time for recess she let us all go and told us to have fun, so that is exactly what we did. Tetherball became the focal point for all of us in the class and we all got to play together which was fun and forged new friendships and fun memories. A couple of weeks in I was wondering when we were going to start getting the extra recess breaks that I thought we were going to have. Turns out I was totally wrong and we didn’t get any extra breaks. Who would’ve thought right?

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Everything was going great and our Tetherball tournament would draw quite a crowd. I was so excited because I had done so good and was currently ranked number one in our little tournament and was playing one of my good friends who was also really good at the game. We were just about to finish the game and I was barely in the lead. I thought that I was going to win with my last awesome shot and I would take the championship. So I gave the ball my best strategic hit and didn’t anticipate what came back to me in time. My friend made the most incredible shot, except for the fact that it hit me straight in the face and knocked me over. I thought I broke my nose and passed out but I just got a bloody nose and was dizzy from hitting my head on the blacktop. Needless to say, I didn’t win the tournament and had to be a scorekeeper for the next couple of weeks. I didn’t get to be the Salt Lake City Welby Elementary 5th grade tetherball champion and get the collected bag of candy that was the prize. But I still loved the same.


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