I am not a flexible person. I mean, I am not super inflexible, but I for sure cannot do the splits. I would tear a muscle or two if I tried to do that. So when my friend from work invited me to go to a yoga class with her I was quick to thank her and decline, explaining that I would be horrible since I am not very flexible and I don’t know the first thing about yoga. She got a good laugh out of that and asked me to touch my toes which I did easily. Then she tried, and she couldn’t even touch her toes. That did not make a whole lot of sense to me since she has been going to yoga for the last year. She was even less flexible than I was. She told me that you don’t need to be super flexible in order to do yoga. Flexibility comes with time and stretching. She used to only be able to get to mid-calf and now can get to her ankle. So she told me not to let that concern hold me back. If I really didn’t want to go she wasn’t going to make me but she thought it would be really fun to do.

I decided I would give it a try and went to my first class on a Tuesday night at this place called YogaVega. It is right off of Redwood Road in Saratoga Springs so it was not too far from my house since I lived in Utah County and just the Utah Valley area in general. When I walked in I was pretty nervous until I found my friend and was then able to lay down a mat and then start stretching out. They had a lot of materials that I could use so I didn’t need to purchase many of my own. They even had aerial silks for aerial yoga. I don’t know how that would work, but it was definitely not on my level which was easily the beginner status. After we warmed up we all got out and got a drink of water before we began and introduced ourselves to our neighbors.

The instructor put on some peaceful music that created a very calm space to put your mind to ease. She went through a series of poses and stances to get us through the class and even though I’m sure I fell out of pose way more than everyone else there combined, it was still so much fun. The class was about an hour, and at the end of it I started to build some confidence and felt like I could come back again sometime and really get into more of it. So if you are looking for a fun workout or some time to calm your mind and just meditate I would highly recommend taking an evening or sometime in the morning and going to YogaVega. Especially if you are in Saratoga Springs it is super central and is surrounded by lots of good places to eat like Panda Express, Chubby’s Cafe, and Beto’s Mexican Food. So after your workout, you can go get some food and then be ready to face your next event.

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