What Your Dentist in Bountiful, UT Could Advise You about Oral Hygiene

Every dentist in Bountiful, Utah will tell their patients that dental hygiene is one of the most important aspects of daily life for maintaining healthy teeth and gums. Another thing they will tell you is that proper oral hygiene practices should start at home, which makes it a prime responsibility of parents to inculcate positive dental habits into their children – but how exactly can you go about such a task?

Inculcate Dental Awareness

Before your child can even develop interest in brushing and flossing every day, you need to make their importance clear to your little one. Begin by teaching him about his teeth, what they’re used for and what could happen if he doesn’t keep them clean. You can also help him identify his molars, incisors, and cuspids.

Reading Books

Here are some facts about getting dental hygiene-related books for your kids from the She Knows website:

“Young kids are more apt to understand dental health and other subjects if they see the topics illustrated in books. From the time your children are infants, you should begin to incorporate books about dental health, teeth brushing and visiting the dentist into their regular reading. Read these books about dental health to your little ones. You can find them at your local library or bookstore.”

Keep Things Interesting

You should also keep your brushing and flossing time interesting and fun. For starters, buy cool toothbrushes that you just know they’ll love, preferably with eye-catching designs or cartoon characters that they like. You can also integrate games into your tooth brushing time.

Proper dental practices doesn’t end in the house, though – it’s also important to visit your dependable Bountiful dentists, like those from Alpenglow Dental, at least once or twice a year. With these two combined, you can be assured that your children’s dental health remains at an optimum level until they are old enough to go to the dentist on their own.


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