WHRR! – A Dentist in South Jordan Educates on Electric Toothbrush Use

Sometimes, brushing your teeth may be a bit tedious during a rush. Britain’s Daily Mail, however, can clue you in on an option that’s just as efficient:

Manual toothbrushes are just as good as the fashionable electric variety, new research recently claimed.

Many dentists, however, believe that while both types remove dental plaque and prevent gum disease, the electric variety can be superior.

‘The bottom line is that powered toothbrushes can be a useful aid in improving oral health,’ says David Collins from the British Dental Health Foundation, an independent charity who give free dental health advice (helpline 0845 063 1188) to the public.

‘Some people clearly do benefit from using powered toothbrushes, and the degree of benefit relates to their dental condition, their brushing technique, the type of toothbrush, and other factors.’

An electric toothbrush has been a fixture in American dental hygiene since Squibb released the Broxodent in 1961. Advances in technology over the next few decades enabled electric toothbrushes to be more user-friendly. However, electric toothbrushes are simply tools that will only perform as advertised if you know how to use them effectively—something that a dentist in South Jordan such as the professionals at Alpenglow Dental can guide you with.

In deciding whether to use an electric toothbrush, you only have a choice of battery-powered or corded, rechargeable models. Your dentist may guide you on the nuances of operating either version, such as accounting for the cost of replacement batteries. Unless the device has some sort of an energy gauge, you might not know if it’s working at optimal efficiency or not.

Electric toothbrushes have different operating heads, including the rotating, oscillation, circular, side-to-side, and ultrasonic. A dentist may advise you to move the brush in a circular motion, apply fluoride toothpaste to boost the cleaning, and brush for a total of two minutes. Once it is done, dip the head into a glass of water to clean it up, and then let it dry.

An electric toothbrush is designed to help ease your dental hygiene routine. Dentists in South Jordan can teach you how to use them properly, and how to take care of them so they may last longer.

(Article Information and Image from Your electric toothbrush guide, Daily Mail)

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